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Multimedia Box: The Kid

August 6, 2009 by · No comments

Charlie Chaplin was born in the UK in 1889 and became one of the most inspiring and influential personalities of the 20th century. His movies, which he directed and produced himself, are filled with emotion and show life in all its’ complexity. His work portrays the lives of the poor and the rich, the happy and the sad, the honest and the dishonest. His work reveals the many facets of life in a light and intelligible way.

His most popular movies are The Kid, The Circus, City Lights, Modern Times and The Great Dictator.

The Kid was filmed in 1921 in the United States, where Chaplin was living at the time. Chaplin shows how the same situations look different to people of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Today these concepts are clear to us, but back then, the realistic portrayals shown in the The Kid was revolutionary in the world of film.

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