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Artist of the Week: Patrick Caire

May 4, 2009 by · 6 comments

Mariana Velichkova’s interview with the photographer Patrick Caire

Please tell us about your experience as a photographer.

Well, as a photographer, I really have no experience. I don’t have a professional career or any sort of qualifications relating to photography. I guess if you consider someone who loves photography and is constantly taking pictures a photographer, then I’d say my experience as a so-called photographer has been very personal over the last 2 years.

Hardly any of the people around me take pictures, even though they always encourage me and give me their opinions on my work. So the little that I do know about photography I’ve learned through reading or trial and error. I actually think this is a good thing because it’s kept me very curious about all kinds of photography and I’m always trying new ways of photographing or editing.

In your opinion – what is the essence of photography?

Choosing subjects that matter to you. If I feel that something or someone is beautiful in some way, I use photography to express it.

Your discoveries in art and photography are…?

The creativity I see in some other artist’s work. It always blows my mind.

What gives you satisfaction in taking pictures?

Of all the kinds of photography I like, portraiture is my favorite. If I can take a picture of someone and the whole situation seems natural (no awkwardness or unease from having a lens pointed at them) then I am satisfied.

But I’m rarely satisfied because most of people I wish to photograph seem to think I’m pointing a gun at them. If a lens is pointed at you, it’s usually because the person behind it feels that you “deserve” to live through his or her photographs.

What are the “rules” in modern photography?

I always do my best to break any rule that I know of in photography. So I think its best not to mention them, because people shouldn’t live by rules when creating pictures.

However, digital technology has made it increasingly easy for any photographer to duplicate another’s work and claim it as their own. And that’s the only rule that mustn’t be broken.

If you can change the world by taking only one picture what would it be?

I was reading the magazine “Adbusters” the other day and there’s a quote that stuck to my mind: “For most of us, global warming will remain invisible until it tips out of control.”

If I could change the world by taking one picture, it would be the one that makes global warming visible to all.


I was born and raised in Montpelier, France. At the age of 17, I went to study for 2 years in an international school in Wales (United World College of the Atlantic). That’s where I bought my first camera and started developing more of an interest in photography (I’ve always enjoyed photography since I was small).

I learned how to use Photoshop through the internet. Actually, most of my photography skills come from forums on the internet or from just being inspired by other art work (this isn’t limited to photography; every type of art inspires me in some way). Now I’m studying Political Science and Economics in McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Since last September, when I got to Montreal, I have been much more active with photography. I had my work represented in a student-run exhibition and I’ve started working in a studio (because I want to try a lot of different photography styles, but also because it gets so cold in Montreal).

A few weeks ago I started a blog called Art Sponge, where I post articles about artists that inspire me (mainly photography, music and film). I am hoping to build a community around this website in order to have discussions about the work presented and also to promote emerging artists.

My blog

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