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Multimedia box: Acrobats

May 26, 2010 by · No comments

Extraordinary balance, agility and motor coordination – these are the primary skills of an acrobat.

This ancient “profession” finds its origins in China, over 2500 years ago. At first it was only a part of the village festivals. As it developed, the royal audience was attracted to the beautiful and complicated movements. The acrobats were met with applause and admiration in the court and their performances entertained the Chinese emperor himself.

In Europe the golden days of this specific art were during the Middle Ages. In 19th century the acrobats found shelter under the great tents of the traveling circuses.

The secrets of the acrobatic art were kept within families and passed from parents to children. But the times now are more liberal – there are schools and courses, where well-known professionals teach young enthusiasts.

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