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Multimedia Box: Angel Falls

June 3, 2009 by · No comments

Salto Angel (Venezuela) is the highest waterfall in the world, falling from Tepuy Auyantepui (a mesa in the Guayana highlands), a hight of almost 1000 m. (over 3000 ft.). Strong winds often turn the falling water into mist before it reaches the ground. Angel was discovered at the beginning of the XX century by Venezuelan explorer Ernesto La Cruz, but he didn’t report the discovery. Some 20 years later that was done by the American aviator Jimmy Angel, who flew over Auyantepui and noticed the magnificent water scenery.

Starting in April, Public Republic will publish video clips in our new Multimedia Box category. The idea behind this new multimedia space is introducing visual information among the impacting texts. Some of the areas of visual coverage will be history, architecture, science, music, visual arts and cinema.

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