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Multimedia box: Burj al Arab – the height of luxury

August 21, 2009 by · No comments

Beauty is the meaning of the world. To enjoy beauty is to understand the world. – Otto Julius Bierbaum

Built on an artificial island 280 m from the Persian Gulf, the seven star hotel Burj al Arab is “the pearl of architecture and luxury” and merits the title “symbol of Dubai”. With its 321 m, the impressive building is announced to be the highest hotel in the world. Beautiful dreams of numerous tourists are fired by its ship-like shape and the brilliance due to special fiber-glass.

“The pride of Dubai” was being built for 3 years, finally ready for visitors in December 1997. Today the hotel is awarded a prize for “The best resort in the Middle East and Africa” category.

Guests can enjoy а two-story apartment with large French windows, revealing a splendid view, and also visit the landing place for helicopters and the restaurant Al Muntaha at the top of the building.


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