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Natalia Abramova: I wondered how an image could tell you a story or transmit you a feeling

October 9, 2009 by · 36 comments

Interview by Yana Radilova with the photographer Natalia Abramova


How and when did you become involved with photography?

I’ve been studying at Russian State University Of Cinematography. Every year there is a student film festival. I was charmed by the atmosphere of the place.It was really fantastic. I didn’t miss any film nor any workshop.

But what impressed me, more than the script or performances of any film, were the images.I was amazed how even a single motionless and silent image, as in photography, could tell you a story or
transmit feeling.


My grandfather had a “Zenit,” an old Russian reflex camera. It was older than me. So my story started this way.

Tell us more about your experience in photography.

When I moved to Rome I started to work as an assistant for a Roman architecture photographer. I believe for me it was a great opportunity to learn directly on the shooting stage. Also, I found there my genre and style. I was attracted by portrait photography, and realized that I’m interested in fashion and style more than any other genre. Little by little I set up a small studio.


What is the greatest advantage of photography?

It can tell without speaking, and a story can change according to who is listening.


What is your main source of inspiration?

Beauty. Beauty in every way – even in something that upon first sight doesn’t seem so.


How can you describe your style in photography?

I prefer to shoot outside. Model and location should be in harmony. I take care of details with particular attention to color, lighting and shadows.


With locations I’m mainly looking for something modern and urban. So I’d describe my style as urban fashion photography


What photographic techniques do you use?

I believe that is not a technique to make a photo but a photographer.
So it’s just an instrument to achieve your goal.


Mostly I use digital cameras, but I also adore film cameras; they have their own charm.


Are you interested in any other kind of art?

Sure. As I said before, I’m in love with cinema. European films first of all. I don’t waste my time on popcorn films.


You come from Moscow, but nowadays live in Rome. Do you think these different cultures have influenced your photos?

I heard one proverb: “Russians are sad Italians.” I think there is a drop of truth in that.
Nowadays Moscow is in a state of re-modernization and hurry. In Rome I live in an atmosphere of fascination,
and there is a couldn’t-care-less attitude there.


What qualities are necessary for being a photographer?

It is absolutely necessary to be attracted by photography.
With regard to working with people it’s necessary, I think, to also be a psychologist.
They mustn’t feel embarrassed or unnatural.


Do you have any plans for your future career?

To work hard because there is no limit to development.


What advice can you give to all people who would like to become professional photographers

Bank robbery. It can be useful to start.
Speaking seriously, patience and practice. When I find a photo that I really like, I try to understand how it was
done. Then I try to imitate it to discover if my understanding was accurate.



Natalia Abramova was born in Moscow in 1986. She graduated from Russian State University of
Cinematography (subject “Cinema and TV Producer”).Creativity is the air of that place. Daily cinema and photo exhibitions, film projections, performances lighted on in Natalia her great passion for photography.

In 2006 she moved in Rome where she started studying photography working as assistant for a rather famous Roman architecture photographer.

In 2007 she started working on her own, setting up a small studio. She realized an advertising campaign for Alitalia. Among Natalia’s works, some were published on a cover of Italian business magazine “Wireless for Innovation”.

Natalia’s main subject are models, currently the portfolio can mention over 50 models shot. Natalia’s creations are focused on models’ personal books, and on fashion projects jointly with fashion designers
and visual makers.

For more of her photos visit this site:

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