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Artist of the Week — Georgie Lalov

24 March, 2014 от · No comments

Anna Simitchieva’s interview with Georgie Lalov Hello Georgie, please introduce yourself briefly to our readers. I am an actor and producer I live in Manhattan and I love to talk about film. How important is for you the fact that you are a Bulgarian artist? Do you face a lot of difficulties because of it? […]

Artist of the Week — Niki Iliev

5 February, 2013 от · 4 comments

Jasmina Tacheva Talks with Bulgarian Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Producer Niki Iliev Niki Iliev: I wanted to make a film about the clash of cultures, but ultimately to show that people are generally not very different from one another, regardless of where they come from, and when it comes to love or other emotions – […]

Artist of the Week — Ivo Arakov

22 August, 2012 от · 1 comment

Jasmina Tacheva Talks with Actor, Musician and Poet Ivo Arakov Ivo Arakov: “The most important destination of comfort is within us” Hi, Ivo, where are we finding you; what are you doing right now? Hello! You are catching me reading your nice letter and enjoying the smiling sun in Bulgaria. Otherwise, more generally, I’m shooting! […]

Artist of the Week — Tony Naumovski

1 August, 2012 от · 1 comment

Jasmina Tacheva talks with the Macedonian-Australian New York based actor Tony Naumovski Tony Naumovski Tony Naumovski – “a Macedonian-Australian New York based actor”. Wow, this introduction describes not just your profession – it reveals a real adventure! You were born in Sydney, spent your childhood in Macedonia, graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and […]

Artist of the Week — Girish Shambu

29 May, 2012 от · 2 comments

Jasmina Tacheva Talks with Film Critic, Cinephile, Film Blogger and Educator Girish Shambu Girish Shambu is an associate professor of management at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, and runs a community-oriented film-blog at girish. His writings have appeared in Framework, Cineaste,, and the collection Cinephilia in the Age of Digital Reproduction (Wallflower Press, […]