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Artist of the Week — Georgie Lalov

March 24, 2014 by · No comments

Anna Simitchieva’s interview with Georgie Lalov

Hello Georgie, please introduce yourself briefly to our readers.

I am an actor and producer I live in Manhattan and I love to talk about film.

How important is for you the fact that you are a Bulgarian artist? Do you face a lot of difficulties because of it?

No, I never had any difficulties. I really love what I do.

Do you have a favourite movie of yours?

I think the Hobbit did an amazing job as well as American Hustle and I am excited to see the upcoming August Osage County!

You are starring in the new Scorsese’s film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Please, tell us more about your part.
I play a rothchild broker. I had an amazing time meeting all those amazing people who worked on the movie and doing the party afterwards.

Was it difficult for you to work with such stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kyle Chandler?

It’s always very difficult to work with unprofessional people… but when you work with so professional people like Leo and Kyle the work turns out to be a big pleasure.

Who do you wish to work with? Maybe a favourite film director of yours?
I love the work of Darren Aronofsky as well as directors like Hitchcock and Ridley Scott.

Do you have a personal acting examples? Someone that you feel you can learn a lot from?
You can learn a lot from attending auditions and casting 🙂 Also if you spot a good acting coach but that’s a little bit tricky because everyone has a different point of view about.

How do your future acting plans look like?
I hope I continue to be fortuned doing it as I am now.

Do you think of going back to painting or do you feel you were called to be an actor?

No, I definitely don’t want to be only an actor and that’s not my only plan at all. Acting is something that I am very passionate about now but I have other inspirations like producing, directing, writing screenplays and of course my first muse – painting and sculpting.

You are an extremely successful young artist and a model. But still, what is the next challenge?

Direct my own movies. Thats my next future step. I’ve always had a big passion for directing. I’m still learning from the best which I am glad about.

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