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Artist of the Week — Stanislava Georgieva

5 March, 2012 от · No comments

An Interview with Bulgarian-born photographer and founder of Bulgarian Artists in America Stanislava Georgieva by Jasmina Tacheva How did you decide to move to America? I won a green card 11 years ago and I’ve been living here for ten years now. At that time I was studying Art History at the Bulgarian National Academy […]

Artist of the Week — Cornelia Kopp

13 February, 2012 от · 3 comments

An Interview with Photographer Cornelia Kopp by Jasmina Tacheva On your website you say the following: …after a long spiritual journey, passion found me. I am in bliss when the creative energy is flowing through me, when I am creating images, learning new tools, sharing and inspiring with like-minded souls. Then I feel peace, thankfulness […]

Artist of the Week – Elena Stavreva

5 February, 2012 от · 1 comment

An Interview of Violeta Petkova with Elena Stavreva Elena Stavreva: “Oftentimes I end up running ‘miles’ after kids, which becomes my fitness exercise for the day!” What do you think about photography like a different way of life? I would say through photography you learn to see things around in a deeper way. Play of […]

Artist of the Week – Peter Lingbeek

17 January, 2012 от · 4 comments

An Interview with Artist and Photographer Peter Lingbeek by Jasmina Tacheva Photo: Peter Lingbeek Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Peter Lingbeek, I live in Scheemda, in the province of Groningen (the Netherlands). I was born on 03/09/1976 in Veendam and am 35 years old. Photo: Peter Lingbeek I occupy myself […]

Artist of the Week – Sheri L. Wright

5 January, 2012 от · No comments

An Interview with Poet and Photographer Sheri L. Wright by Jasmina Tacheva Pushcart Prize nominee, Sheri L. Wright is the author of five books of poetry, including the most recent, The Slow Talk Of Stones. Her works of poetry appear in numerous journals including Out of Line, Chiron Review, Clark Street Review, Earth’s Daughters. She […]

The Unbearable Lightness

19 November, 2011 от · No comments

A Photo Essay by Nikolay Nikolov A photo essay provoked by the coldness, alienation, hypocrisy and the absurd monotonous rush of city life. I have been walking around the streets of Sofia (and not only) for several weeks to collect these ten images.

Artist of the Week – Deborah Grigsby

26 October, 2011 от · 3 comments

An Interview with Artist Deborah Grigsby by Jasmina Tacheva Photo: Deborah Grigsby Deborah Grigsby is a Colorado-based photographer who specializes in creative editorial, wedding, and portrait imaging. Her idea of photography is unconventional and far from the ordinary – merging traditional photojournalism with off-the-cuff angles and edgy, digital artistry. Deborah’s relaxed and unobtrusive approach enables […]

Artist of the Week — Robby Cavanaugh

26 September, 2011 от · No comments

Interview by Petya Hristova with Robby Cavanaugh Robby Cavanaugh: “A lot of my art addresses the idea of overcoming something negative.” Dear Robby, I am very impressed by your photography! The production process seems elaborate and complicated. Do you have someone to help you with the styling of the models? Thank you! 🙂 Most of […]

Artist of the Week — Albena Markova

7 September, 2011 от · 4 comments

Interview of Violeta Petkova with Albena Markova Translated by Yana Radilova Albena Markova: “Inspiration is love. Love to what you do, love to somebody, somebody’s love to you.” You say that photography is a diagnosis. What were the “symptoms” which made you think it would come into your life and add new meaning to your […]

Artist of the Week — Yen Baet

1 August, 2011 от · No comments

Interview of Yana Radilova with the photographer Yen Baet Yen Baet in Chelsea Bridge Yen Baet was born and raised in the Philippines, and later immigrated to the US. She has also lived in Japan and Germany after that, and currently reside in England. She has worked as a writer, a glass artist, a web […]

Artist of the Week — Carl Warner

28 July, 2011 от · No comments

Interview of Yana Radilova with the photographer Carl Warner Carl Warner: “My photos are a pleasant deception” What roused your interest in photography? I first became interested in photography from looking at album covers in the 1970’s that were mainly created by Hipgnosis. Bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd were using photography to illustrate […]

Artist of the Week — Degal and Chiara Mazzocchi

19 July, 2011 от · No comments

Interview by Petya Hristova with the Italian artists Degal and Chiara Mazzocchi Self-portrait Rumore Bianco Degal and Chiara Mazzocchi: “Rumore Bianco has no past and no future other than a present that can’t be captured, almost as if it didn’t exist. It’s white. White because the corresponding electromagnetic radiation would be perceived as white light […]

Artist of the Week — Katarina Silva

16 July, 2011 от · 7 comments

Interview by Petya Hristova with the photographer Katarina Silva Photo: Self-portrait Katarina Silva Katarina Silva: “Photographic expression has made me into a more confident person, because it has given me freedom to be true to myself without any reservations.” Your breathtaking photography radiates at once tenderness and strength. Is that femininity for you? Thank you. […]

Artist of the Week — Dimana Zhelyazkova

20 June, 2011 от · 8 comments

Interview of Yana Radilova with the young photographer Dimana Zhelyazkova Dimana Zhelyazkova is a Bulgarian teenager, almost 19 years-old. Ever since she was a little girl, she has had an interest in painting; but few years ago she discovered photography and now she “paints” mainly through the camera. Just a week ago she graduated from […]

Artist of the Week– Allexandre Ferreira

14 June, 2011 от · 3 comments

Interview by Violeta Petkova with Allexandre Ferreira Allexandre Ferreira:”Beauty I believe isn’t in the eyes of the beholder; it’s in your mind.” What does it mean to be a citizen of the world, as you say? I always loved to travel and I generally feel comfortable to be in any country. I seldom get home […]

Artist of the Week — Eleanor Leonne Bennett

9 May, 2011 от · 1 comment

Interview of Yana Radilova with the fifteen-year old photographer Eleanor Leonne Bennett Eleanor Benett Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a British Teenager who had has her photography exhibited around the globe in galleries and published around the world in magazines. She is the winner of the UK National Geographic Kids Photography Contest 2010, The World Photography […]

Artist of the Week – Dušan Marčeta

2 May, 2011 от · 4 comments

Interview by Violeta Petkova with Dušan Marčeta Dušan Marčeta: “Click by click, photography has become my obsession.” How did you get interested in photography? Well, quite by accident. Click by click, photography has become my obsession. One thing led to another. People began to show interest in my photos and it gradually became my profession. […]

Artist of the Week — Federico Scotto d’Antuono

28 March, 2011 от · 4 comments

Interview by Yana Radilova with the photographer Federico Scotto d’Antuono Federico Scotto d’Antuono Federico Scotto d’Antuono was born in Naples, Italy in 1970. Growing up in a city like his gave him a lot of ways to feed his soul; observing the people, the landscape, and absorbing all the culture and the art that surrounded […]

Artist of the Week — Ricardo Liberato

21 March, 2011 от · 1 comment

Interview by Yana Radilova with the photographer Ricardo Liberato Ricardo Liberato: “It is this constant pressure of shooting something I am not comfortable with that defines my photography and makes me evolve” How did you become interested in photography? Five years ago I was really drunk at 5am and my first DSLR (Canon 300D) was […]

Artist of the Week– Irina Panyukova

14 March, 2011 от · 4 comments

Interview by Violeta Petkova with Irina Panyukova Irina Panyukova: “All people see and understand beauty.” Is there a certain moment in your life that made you take up photography? There was not any special event which stimulated me to start making photos. I just realised one day that it really interested me.